Insiders’ Guide

Insider’s Guide

Tips and tricks for living the good life in the North Bay. A special section

Texts by Greg Cahill (GC), Paula Harris (PH), Patrick Sullivan (PS), David Templeton (DT).

Fingertips: Eat, drink, be well connected, healthy, relaxed, energy independent, and merry.

Out & About: Where to get help with your outdoor recreational needs.

The Naked Truth: Where to git nekkid in public to enjoy the hot summer sun.

The Tour: Where to get a gander at great public art.

Bumper Crop: Your one-stop shopping guide to North Bay farmer’s markets.

Kids’ Stuff: How to keep the kids busy this summer.

Healthy Choice: How to put your health back in your own hands.

Fuzzy Feelings: Where to turn for pet-care help.

Can You Dig It? Where to get help plotting your own organic veggie garden.

Good Morning, Sunshine: Where to find a great breakfast.

Spectral Season: Where to find the free spirit(s) of the North Bay.

Mystery Spot: Where to get free physics lessons and good country drive.

From the July 19-25, 2001 issue of the Northern California Bohemian.

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