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Feb 7, 2023

Dear Gillian: Women Invited to Send Their Sex Fantasies

Hey ladies, Gillian Anderson, the actor made famous by her roles in the television shows The X-Files and Sex Education, wants to hear what gets you off. If that sentence makes readers uncomfortable, it might help to look back in the history of women talking about sex. Fifty years ago, a...
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Apr 5, 2022

Open Book: Author Alice Walker’s journals

I remember the days when almost every woman I knew in northern California poured over Alice Walker’s new age...
Apr 5, 2022

Backstory: New memoir from Greg Sarris

The new book from Greg Sarris, Becoming Story: A Journey Among Seasons, Places, Trees, and Ancestors, is a personal...
Apr 5, 2022

Found Poems: New volume by Ulalume González de León

The new poetry book from Sixteen Rivers Press, Plagios (Plagiarisms) Volume Two by Mexican poet Ulalume González de León,...
Jan 5, 2022

On the Page—An Excerpt from ‘Beat Blues’

When he’s not writing, Jonah Raskin is writing; which is to say he is always writing. The prolific author and...
Wine Dogs
Mar 10, 2021

Wine Dogs

Anthropologists believe the “domestication event” that led to wolves becoming Canis lupus familiaris—a.k.a. the modern dog—occured about 10,000 years...
Mar 3, 2021

Ferlinghetti Spaghetti

A poet prevails As regards the recent passing of poet, playwright and Beat publisher, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, exiting at three digits...
Nov 20, 2020

The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care

A “cottage witch,” according to Witchipedia, is “a witch whose magickal practice focuses mainly on the home.” Add to...
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