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Jun 18, 2024

‘Life Span’: Molly Giles’ New Memoir

Woodacre writer Molly Giles has traveled back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge for more than eight decades. Those trips dot the diaries she began keeping at age nine. “My daughters have volunteered happily to burn all these journals when I die. And I thought, well, maybe I should...
Dec 5, 2023

Dara Bradds Now Deputy Director at Sonoma County Library

In a significant development for the Sonoma County Library, Dara Bradds has recently joined the administrative team as deputy...
Oct 10, 2023

New book by herbalist Erin Masako Wilkins emphasizes local plants

When herbalist Erin Masako Wilkins was in acupuncture school, she noticed that many of the support herbs and foods...
Bethany Browning - Cover
Aug 29, 2023

Authors Astound: Local scribes court resident readers

For many, September is the first official symbol that marks summer’s shift into autumn. With that shift, the ever-expanding...
Apr 7, 2023

Zaney For Zines

Annual Santa Rosa fest returns April 11 is set and ready to mark the third annual Santa Rosa Zine Fest,...
Mar 22, 2023

Author Ed Davis is on Track

In April of 2022, local author Ed Davis, 70, of Glen Ellen, embarked upon a 7,500-mile tour promoting his...
Feb 7, 2023

Dear Gillian: Women Invited to Send Their Sex Fantasies

Hey ladies, Gillian Anderson, the actor made famous by her roles in the television shows The X-Files and Sex...
Jan 25, 2023

Being Brave: Elizabeth Herron returns to Occidental Center for the Arts

Sonoma County Poet Laureate Elizabeth Herron bonded with nature at a young age while wandering in the woods in...
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