Feb 13, 2024

15th Sonoma County Restaurant Week

Coming off of Super Bowl Sunday, when everyone’s taste is reduced to the lowest common denominator, it’s easy to be distracted from the bounty of culinary brilliance available in Sonoma County. No worries there—from Feb. 19 to 25, dining enthusiasts will have the unique opportunity to explore an array of...
Jan 22, 2024

Focus on Fencing

Jan 2, 2024

West Marin Culture Shop: Where tradition and fermentation meet

West Marin Culture Shop, located in Point Reyes Station, is a fermented micro food hall offering a variety of fermented goods, including cheese, wine, miso, and pickles, as well as ferment-it-yourself resources and locally-made items.
Dec 26, 2023

Together for Peace: The Experience of Sonoma County Activist

It has been nearly three months since the bombs started falling on my people in Gaza. Palestinians love life...
Dec 26, 2023

Third Pig Rings in the New Year and New Life for Sebastopol

I’m no quantum physicist, but I’m convinced there are places where the past, present and future exist—and can be...
Dec 19, 2023

Surviving Your Imbibing

Santa Rosa and Petaluma have been identified as California's most alcohol-consuming region, with 23.2% of adults engaging in excessive drinking, and 32.8% of driving fatalities being alcohol-related, resulting in increased enforcement and prosecution.
Dec 12, 2023

Local Treasures in Sonoma Napa

Celebrate the essence of the season by choosing meaningful gifts that not only bring joy to loved ones but...
Nov 28, 2023

At home in Hokkaido: The North Bay’s eastern twin

The sun disappears behind the ocean horizon. The sky turns vanilla, and the wind stiffens. Twilight’s slow transformation into...
Nov 21, 2023

Record Store Day lands on Black Friday

One of the most clever inventions of the modern shopping era is Record Store Day. It signals the release of...
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