Jun 19, 2024

‘Kinky Boots’ struts at 6th Street

April is the cruelest month is the opening line to T. S. Eliot’s 1922 poem, The Waste Land. But June has been no picnic for the North Bay theater community either. Transportation issues marred the opening of the Mountain Play while bouts of illness plagued other productions. Napa’s Lucky Penny...
Jun 11, 2024

The Farce Awakens

May 22, 2024

‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’ is a Disconnect

At a recent performance of Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone, one audience member was heard to murmur to...
May 8, 2024

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Spreckels

Classic children’s tale theatrically told  Large scale, family-friendly theater returns to the North Bay with the Spreckels Theatre Company production...
Apr 30, 2024

Classic ‘Glass Menagerie’ Staged in Napa

One of the most-produced American plays ever is The Glass Menagerie. Since its debut in 1944, it has had...
Apr 23, 2024

‘The Hello Girls’ in Sonoma

The year is 1917. In New York, AT&T has trained a workforce of “Hello Girls” telephone operators. In France,...
Apr 16, 2024

‘Shipwrecked!’ at Cinnabar

Cinnabar Theater’s final, regular season show to be staged in the “little red schoolhouse on the hill” is Shipwrecked!...
Apr 10, 2024

Just a Man: ‘The Mountaintop’ at 222

Healdsburg’s The 222 concludes its season of professional drama with The Mountaintop, co-directed by Aldo Billingsley and Rebecca Novick....
Apr 3, 2024

‘Last Quiz Night’ at Left Edge

If an asteroid were headed straight for Earth and the total destruction of the planet imminent, would you: a. Head...
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