Oct 31, 2023

Making Scents: Essential Oil

Of the five senses, smell is the most spiritual. Fragrance operates on invisible channels within us that connect our body here in the material world to our spirit linked to the overworld. The sense of smell plays a central role in sacred rites through the use of incense, perfumes and...
Jul 25, 2023

Spiritual Heroism

May 30, 2023

Pure Gold: Ancient Wisdom for modern times

You really don’t understand why you’re unhappy, even though it’s right in front of you? Well then, let’s spell...
Apr 30, 2023

Crime and Punishment

For those who ever feel like their life is hell, they should consider themselves fortunate, for at least they...
Apr 25, 2023

Be Afraid

The huntsman lifts his ax, but finds he doesn’t have the heart to strike the young maiden. He sobs...
Apr 6, 2023

Laughter of the Gods

A black cloud passes over your day, filling you with melancholia and making you feel powerless amid forces beyond...
Mar 28, 2023

Dreaming Worlds: The Expanse of Inner Life

“I feel strangely awake,” Cleopatra says as she readies the poisonous snake that will take her life, “as if...
Mar 14, 2023

Destiny vs. Digits: A Numbers Game

German author Ernst Junger’s 1951 book, The Forest Passage, a paean to the path of resistance in a mechanized...
Dec 13, 2022

Dream Lover

You open a bottle of wine on a rainy Friday night, light some candles and put on some piano...
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