.Crime and Punishment

For those who ever feel like their life is hell, they should consider themselves fortunate, for at least they know they’re in hell.

Many people’s consciousness is so negatively charged that they’re unaware that there’s another way. Hell is their normal mode. One might say to such a person that the punishment for being themself must be them. In other words, the crime and punishment are one and the same.

The person who feels their life is hell is reaping what they sowed, the logical consequence of choosing the bad, false, and ugly over the good, beautiful, and true.

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Traditional wisdom differs from the Judeo-Christian heritage in that the moral element is practically irrelevant—or rather, it is already built into the divine laws that govern reality by a sacred science of cause and effect. Causes exist on a higher plane, in the realm of consciousness and its interplay with the astral light, which one might begin by characterizing as the forces acting upon one via the planets, signs, and houses of the natal horoscope.

Every negative manifestation in life is the result of an error committed in regard to the three great supernatural gifts: reason, will, and imagination. One has either failed to exercise the will or else willed the wrong thing, imagined the principle of destruction rather than creation, or convinced oneself the false is true.

It’s been said that good has but one expression, evil a thousand. As a result, there’s an almost infinite number of ways to create one’s own personal hell, and literature is largely a catalog of cautionary tales.

Cowardice and weakness in the face of the heroic undertaking of life make one a magnet for negatively charged people, habits, and things. One can become so strongly magnetized to things that are bad that they can’t reverse the polarity. But there is another divine law: the law of redemption.

Acknowledgment of one’s errors leads to contrition, which must then be followed by the will to “climb out of hell.” One re-magnetizes oneself towards the positive polarity of the great two-headed dragon, the universal plastic medium, the light and dark-sided force that is the primary building material of everything in the universe, from the densest matter to the choir of angels.

The will to choose the uranian over the infernal attracts redemptive energies on a subtle plane, and this is what is meant by forgiveness for one’s sins.

The forgiveness happens within oneself, though its divine origin will be clearly felt and understood as one wipes away the last tears of suffering and start to feel better.


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