Jul 25, 2023

Barbie Takes a Heroine’s Journey

Barbie mania is so pervasive that if one googles “Barbie” right now, the web page turns pink and sparkles with animated magenta stars. Barbie has been a ubiquitous toy for decades, reigning as “supreme doll” before, during and after my childhood. So when I heard the new Greta Gerwig movie...
Jun 27, 2023

Man of Action: North Bay stunt professional Richard Squeri

“Action!” It’s a single word that activates the participants in a film scene. But for North Bay-based fight choreographer,...
Jun 27, 2023

Home, Sweet Cinema: A look at local film

An Introduction to Our Film Edition FADE IN: INTERIOR OF A NEWSPAPER OFFICE — DAY The clack of LAPTOP keys resounds through...
May 2, 2023

From Streaming to Strike: What the Writers Strike Portends

By the time these words are published, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) will be on strike. Who cares? You...
Apr 18, 2023

North Bay Lesbians Bond Over Film

In 2021, Pam Adinoff traveled to Provincetown, Massachusetts, and watched a documentary that would change her life remarkably. The Unlikely...
Mar 14, 2023

What’s Up, Doc: The Sebastopol Documentary Film Fest

Perhaps Alfred Hitchcock said it best when he declared, “In feature films, the director is God; in documentary films,...
Jan 10, 2023

Kore-eda’s crime story ‘Broker’ is beautifully, heartbreakingly sad

At first glance, Broker appears to be a sinister crime story with an especially disturbing angle. In contemporary Busan,...
Nov 29, 2022

Camera Obscura: Hotel Petaluma becomes a haven for movie-loving misfits

On a mid-November weekend, tucked inside the Grand Ballroom of the historic Hotel Petaluma, a few dozen people gathered...
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