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Three Sonoma Transit Agencies Will Resume Collecting Fares Feb. 1

Three Sonoma County announced Tuesday that they will resume collecting fares on Feb. 1 after a ten-month pause due to Covid-19.
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Sonoma County Supervisors Revisit Covid-19 Eviction Rules

Despite the warnings, data from the Sonoma County Superior Court indicates that the rate of evictions increased dramatically late last year after a statewide order lapsed.
California State Capitol, Sacramento

Newsom’s Budget Proposal Includes Billions for Education, Covid-19

Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled his proposed budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year Friday, touting record investments in education and a $15 billion budget surplus in spite of the economic uncertainty wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. The $227 billion proposed budget, with a $164.5 billion general fund, represents a stark difference...
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Gov. Newsom to Call for $4.5 Billion in Covid Aid in Proposed Budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to unveil his proposed budget Friday for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, with an estimated $4.5 billion earmarked to help the state's economy recover once the Covid-19 pandemic fades.

Such as It Was: Top Torn Tickets 2020

’Tis the time for critics of all ilks to release their “end of year” lists. For almost 20 years, this publication has presented a “Top Torn Tickets” list featuring the year’s best North Bay theatrical productions.  Those years, however, had the advantage of having an entire calendar year’s worth of...

Green Music Center Unveils Virtual Spring of Shows

The Green Music Center–Sonoma State University’s live music venue and educational complex made up of Weill Hall, Schroeder Hall and more–is accustomed to packing the halls with concerts and various live events featuring culturally significant musicians and other top-tier performers. The last several months have been quiet ones at the...

Healdsburg Lights Up with Public Art Project

Healdsburg locals and visitors alike will see the Healdsburg plaza and business district in a new light as a public art project illuminates the town at night. Running through the month of January, “Illuminations” is an innovative, socially distant walking art tour featuring large-scale light installations by several of the...

New Play About a Noted Virus Hunter Debuts Digitally From a North Bay Stage

Years before the Covid-19 pandemic, award-winning virologist Dr. Nathan Wolfe proposed a plan to protect the economy from pandemics. Even though Wolfe earned the title of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’ in TIME for his work tracking Ebola and swine flu, no one took his proposal seriously....