.Matter(s) at Hand: An ontological split

The perennial wisdom, which discloses the same knowledge in different times and places, teaches that ultimate reality consists of the meeting of spirit and matter.

Think of the physical universe as deriving from a lump of clay and you’ve got matter. But before anything could be made from this unformed clay, an idea had to exist in the mind of an intelligent force that imposed its vision upon the primordial substance.

The oldest and simplest symbol for this act of creation-upon-clay is two intersection lines, commonly called a cross. The horizontal line stands for the realm of Becoming, of matter, life and death, and constant change. The vertical line stands for spirit or Being, and is a DNA-like spiral staircase up to ever higher and unified expressions of creative power and divine intelligence.

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Human beings are living creatures who play out their lives in the cosmic drama at the intersection of the cross, made of biological matter but capable of understanding the One And All from which they sprung.

The wisdom tradition also teaches that while matter is necessary for us to face the trial of human life, spirit is the supreme reality. Material values—those based on matter—are contingent and impermanent, with some traditions going so far as to call them illusions. In contrast, spiritual values are the opposite of matter, which is why they are invisible.

Ontological refers to the nature of being, and is a crucial word to learn right now, as the moment of history you’re living through is a great ontological rupture in which the final contact with the vertical line of the cross is being severed.

Mankind is at the edge of a precipice, staring into a leaden pit of matter. Not the divinely created world of nature, the arena in which mankind was placed by the creator, but the manmade matter of computer code. Human beings no longer look to the sky and intuitively feel themselves part of an ordered cosmos, and instead stare downward into their device, which swallows their soul in a virtual reality of artificial intelligence.

Many will unwittingly follow this diabolical intelligent matter to the pit of hell, to anti-life, to the immense Void of Nothingness that feeds upon human consciousness like a carnivorous cancer. But others will stop at the edge and behold the beckoning abyss, which will shake them awake suddenly as if from a bad dream, and they will commence the long journey back towards the spirit.


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