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WE’VE GOT SUN. We’ve got surf. And you can’t swing a fanny pack around here without hitting a climbing wall or a bike path. Yep, the North Bay just might be the best place in America for people who like to spend their free time zipping up a trail in hiking boots, rolling down a mountain on a bike, or floating over a great white shark in a flimsy little kayak. Are you looking to jump into the action? Want to meet other folks who have a similar interest in the outdoors? Get started by hooking up with one of the North Bay organizations listed below.

Sonoma County

Burke’s Russian River Canoe Trips
Spend a lazy day paddling along the Russian River. 707/887-1222

Madrone Audubon Society
Knowledgeable birdwatchers take you on tour. 707/795-7547 or 707/578-8835.

Lokahi Outrigger Canoe Club
This outrigger canoe club is based out of the Petaluma Marina. http://lokahi.iwarp.com/

Just Add Water, Sonoma (JAWS)
Low-key Santa Rosa-based dive club holds regular meetings and monthly club dives. www.svn.net/jaws

North Bay Rowing Club
Petaluma-based club offers lessons, guidance, equipment sharing, and boat partners. 707/769-2003

Empire Runners
Runners of all skill levels can hook up with partners. www.empirerunners.org

Organization offers guided hikes and bike trips through local open-space areas. 707/524-9318 or www.landpaths.org.

Santa Rosa Cycling Club
Discover the joys of group rides and cycling advocacy. 707/544-4803

Sequoia Paddling Club
Take to the water with other boaters. 707/887-0303

Marin County

Sierra Club Marin
Regional club takes on hikes of all skill levels. 415/472-2532.

Marin Cyclists
Club organizes group rides and other activities. 415/721-4337 or www.marincyclists.com

Tamalpa Running Club
All ages and skill levels are welcome. (415) 721-3791 or www.tamalparunners.org

Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society (WOMBATS)
Fairfax-based network of women who ride in the dirt. 415/459-0980 or www.wombats.org

Napa County

Land Trust of Napa County
This 25-year-old organization organizes hikes and other outdoor activities. 707/252-3270 or Napalandtrust.org

Napa County Landmarks
History buffs host walking tour through Napa Valley’s scenic landmarks. 707/255-1836

North Bay & Beyond

Bay Area Orienteering Club
Learn the art and science of navigating through the woods. 415/383-4429.

Greenbelt Outings
The Greenbelt Alliance organizes outings to Bay Area natural treasures. 415/255-3233.

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From the July 19-25, 2001 issue of the Northern California Bohemian.

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