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Open Mic: Rep. Thompson Responds to Jobs Guarantee Critique

Rep. Mike Thompson responds to a recent opinion piece by a Sonoma County environmental activist.

CovaX: The final jib-jab

There’s a story behind everything we do. Case-in-point: My second Covid vaccine. I received it yesterday, and sit here...

Bring Back the Victory Patch: Grow Your Own Cannabis

Flower to the People By Jonah Raskin Here’s an idea that came with the hippies and vanished when the yuppies arrived...

Open Mic: Remembering the Californian, Gerald Haslam (1937- 2021)

He was the first real Californian that I met and got to know, back in the day when I...

Letters to the Editor: Foppoli Faux Pas

Dear Editor, Many people and groups supported Dominic Foppoli in his 2020 mayoral campaign. This includes the entire Board of...

Open Mic: Rep. Thompson Needs to Support a Federal Jobs Guarantee

"Not only would a federal jobs guarantee help establish economic stability and end involuntary unemployment, it would also be used to combat the unfolding climate emergency."

Letters to the Editor: Climate Empowerment in Petaluma and Kindness During Covid

The Future of Local Climate Empowerment There is a lot of well-intended talk about the Climate Crisis and with this...

Open Mic: Sonoma County’s ‘Me Too’ Reckoning is Long Overdue

The recent revelations about Dominic Foppoli are the tip of a dirty and wretched iceberg that is long overdue to be destroyed.

Write is Might

Voice of a degeneration Like every other writer I know, I’m the voice of my generation. Apparently, my voice just...

Letters to the Editor: Elder Lives Matter, Too

(The Pacific Sun) listed 385 voting categories for your “Vote! 2021 Best of Marin.” Specifically, you have 28 categories to...
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