Microbrew dropouts, go back to wine school!

That was just fun to say, but don’t worry—there’ll be craft brew, too, on Swirl’s third-edition, back-to-school wine quiz. Answers below. No peeking!

1. When we find the “godfather of natural wine” burying clay amphorae in a rustic cellar on Sonoma Mountain, we’re talking about:

A) Wine legend Agoston Haraszthy

B) Viticulturist Phil Coturri

C) Winemaker Tony Coturri

D) Author Jack London

2. True or false: The beautiful, historic Fountaingrove Winery in Santa Rosa was destroyed by the Tubbs fire in 2017.

3. Which of these wines is identified incorrectly?

A) Martinelli Jackass Hill Sonoma Valley Zinfandel

B) Turley Hayne Vineyard
Petite Syrah

C) Tara Bella Russian River Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

D) Sidebar Mokelumne
River Kerner

4. True or false: The 1976 Paris Tasting was not the first time that California wines bested European wines in a competition.

5. Geek alert! What’s 777 on 101-14?

A) Twist on the French 75 cocktail from 101 North
Brewing Co.

B) French Cabernet clone on high-density vine spacing

C) UC Davis Chardonnay clone on drought-resistant rootstock

D) Dijon Pinot Noir clone on Millardet et de Grasset rootstock

6. Picture round: Who is the founder of Buena Vista Winery represented in this bobble head figure?

A) Charles Krug

B) Jean-Charles Boisset

C) Agoston Haraszthy

D) Carlo Rossi

7. Choose all the right words for one point:

The (French/Italian) grape Aglianico, which makes a (deep red/fruity white) wine, was reputedly prized by the (Romans/kings of Burgundy).

8. Which one is not like the others?

A) Arrowood Vineyards

B) Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery

C) Carol Shelton Wines

D) BR Cohn Winery

9. Atlas, Hyperion, and Methuselah are:

A) Sub-AVAs of eastern Napa Valley

B) Cult Cabernet Sauvignons

C) Different sizes of large wine bottles

D) Beers made by Fogbelt Brewing Co.

10. The USDA organic seal, in combination with the words “organic wine,” means that the wine:

A) Contains no added sulfites

B) Contains no more than 100 ppm sulfites

C) Contains no naturally occurring sulfites

D) Contains less than 100 ppm Pinot Grigio


Answers: 1) C; 2) False, it was long neglected and demolished before the fire; 3) A—it’s Russian River Valley; as for spelling on B, that’s just their thing; 4) True—the Wine Exposition of 1911 in Turin, Italy for one; 5) D; 6) C; 7) Italian, deep red, Romans; 8) C—still owned by founding winemaker; 9) D; 10) A. 9–10 points, Grand Cru; 7–8 points, Premier Cru; 5–6 points, village; 4 points or fewer, vin ordinaire.

Sonoma County Library