Aug 5, 2020

Wine, Unmasked

In normal times, I’m not one to dither about an invitation to a gourmet lunch, with wine—and real Champagne!—at Jordan Vineyard & Winery. But,...
Feb 26, 2020

Sober Rover

Didn't make it very far into "dry January" this year? Me neither. Sober Diary, January 2: "This is fine, but what's the point?" The point,...
Feb 19, 2020

Get Boont

The little wine weekend formerly known as the International Alsace Varietals Festival is back from its "gap year." And, if chardonnay's your thing, the...
Feb 12, 2020

Coast Boast

There's such a want of wine-tasting opportunities on the Sonoma Coast that the loss of the Joseph Phelps Freestone tasting room, a few years...
Feb 5, 2020

Making It

As I traipse up and down a strip of Commerce Blvd., the first question I have about Old Caz is not whether the brewery's...
Jan 29, 2020

Future Ex

Way back in 2001, years before I wrote Swirl, I reported on my experience at the democratic drink-fest that was the 10th annual Zinfandel...
Jan 22, 2020

Now That’s Hazy

Timing is everything in brewing. Beer style depends on the timing of the mash and hop additions, and IPA sales depend on timing the...
Jan 15, 2020

Bloody Good

In 2020, I resolve to buy more organic products. I'll support local farmers; at the farmers market. And, of course, I'll cut back on...