Mar. 25: Moira Scar at Unity Music

It’s not for nothing that California has a reputation for providing a playground for the boundary-breaking and the bizarre. Maybe it’s our proximity to a Pacific Ocean that gives Golden State artists and thinkers a license to fuck with societal tropes. Moira Scar fit like a glove into the West Coast freakalicious tradition. They wear masks. They play strange Sun Ra–esque punk. They embrace theatricality and fractured rhythms with abandon. San Francisco distilled into a band, really. Moira Scar strap on the cat masks and headgear on Friday, March 25, along with Love Dimension, Shrew Florist, Anti Ear, Pristine, and Spiral Bombs at Unity Music. 840 Piner Road, Ste. 8, Santa Rosa. 8pm. $6. No phone.