Letters to the Editor: July 4, 2018

'I find that nationalism is an affront to human dignity'

Five Seconds

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed the civil lawsuit to go ahead against Eric Gelhaus (“Denied,” June 27), we can take another look at the bad judgment exhibited by Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch and the “multiple law enforcement groups”
that lobbied to shield Gelhaus from responsibility. These groups skewered their own argument by claiming that the decision will “require officers in the field to second-guess themselves.” Exactly. Maybe if Gelhaus had taken five seconds instead of three to size up the situation, Andy would be alive today.


Bygone Burger

Kudos to John Omaha for his Open Mic (“There Goes the Neighborhood,” June 20) on the imminent ousting of Carmen’s Burger Bar by the “Stark juggernaut.” As Omaha noted, Carmen’s offered plenty of options besides beef, reasonable prices and a family-friendly atmosphere. What he was gracious enough not to mention is that Carmen’s was forced out after 13 years by a landlord who gave away the lease.

The fact that Willi’s burned in the October fires was a tragedy. The fact that, by all appearances, its insurance settlement was used as lucrative bait to poach a lease is sadder yet. Shame on both sides for this stinker of a deal.

Santa Rosa

Not Walls

I find that nationalism is an impediment to human dignity. This is evident in many ways. Debate rages as the United States restricts movement of people through or across its borders. There are as many 70 border walls made by countries to restrict movement of people. My dream is that the movement of people across national borders over all the earth would be the same as human movement over the border between Massachusetts and Connecticut. I believe pride, devotion and love for one’s country is OK. However, our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.


Beaver Relievers

James Knight’s article (“Leave It to . . . Beavers,” June 27) leaves out one crucial caveat to beaver overpopulation. Much of the water in places you would think would be cleaner, such as Alaska and Canada, has been contaminated because of their droppings. We don’t need too many, since nothing good comes out of beaver droppings, I’m afraid.

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