Letters to the Editor: December 30, 2015

You were full of Christmas ham and didn't write us, so we culled a bunch of old letters, called it a 'Best Of' and pretended that was our plan all along

As we wrap up this issue and 2015, we thought we’d reprise some of our favorite letters of the year. Letters to the editor are the soul of a paper, and I thank everyone who wrote to us. Keep ’em coming in 2016!—The Ed.

Dark Love

An amendment to the assertion that love is but a lonely void; love is dark energy. A definition goes like so: “A theoretical force that permeates all of space and assists in the expansion of the universe.” Down to the smallest particle pushing, pulling, coaxing, stroking, caressing, shoving, contorting, confounding often for reasons in ways that leave us feeling . . . utterly clueless.

Lytton Springs

Flag Waving

I’m not really one for the soapbox, but I feel compelled to reply to Mr. Bracco’s letter (“Love It or Leave It,” July 15) by stating that I believe that those folks who loudly proclaim “Love this country or leave it!” are the ones who most need to get the hell out. This country was built by people who said, “This is pretty messed up right here and we should change it.” I’d like to suggest that Mr. Bracco and those of his ilk pack up their simplistic flag-waving and take it to a country that insists on mindless patriotism—like Iran, f’rinstance.

Santa Rosa


What an asinine article (“For a Few Dollars More,” July 12). You obviously have no understanding of economics. You get paid for what you are worth, not what you want. Your worth is based on your skills and education. That being said, the piece de resistance: “Confederate state of Alabama.” You do realize that there hasn’t been a Confederate state in 150 years? Unless, of course, you are granting the right of secession to Alabama. If so, please confer the same right to the other 12 states of the former Confederacy.

Via Bohemian.com

The Natural Way

As we have been told by our arborist, if people did not blow the leaves off, the ground would not become rock-hard and unhealthy for our native trees (Debriefer, Oct. 21). This would also help stop the spread of sudden oak death, by keeping the trees healthier.

I am 64 years old and weigh 107 pounds. I sweep the leaves out of our driveway and off the street in front of our house and place them under the oak trees on a regular basis. So I do not buy into this “We must have our leaf blowers as a necessary landscape tool, or our world will fall apart, our property values will plummet if we cannot keep our yards devoid of all naturally occurring elements” litany in favor of leaf blowers. Maybe it is time to embrace our natural world, and contribute to its health and be just a bit less tidy without our leaf blowers.

Boyes Hot Springs

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