Letters to the Editor, April 23, 2014

Old-time burlesque, text message reportorial fail, of pickles and Hitler, more

The Golden Twirls

Please, over-the-hill gang appears at Christy’s in Santa Rosa (“Some Like It Hot,” April 16). The county thrives on young blood, hello?

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The New Boyhemians

Thanks for introducing your new lineup! But you only introduced five

men. Is that four women in the photo, too? Would love to hear their names and roles in the Bohemian as well!

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Editor’s note: All the names are listed online at www.bohemian.com.

Text Mess

This is woefully inept reporting (“The Telltale Text,” March 19). It appears as if the Bohemian has done nothing more than file a series of public records requests and use that as the basis for skewering a competing news organization. I can’t say whether the assertions in this story are true—that the Press Democrat’s ownership is influencing coverage of a favored politician—they very well may be.

But journalism—good journalism—owes an obligation to prove that. Here, the author has clearly fallen short. He takes one example, the Bosco-Carrillo text after the Lopez tragedy, and uses that to make a leap of logic backward to suggest that a similar thing may have happened after Carrillo’s arrest. No other hard evidence is provided, just circumstantial “proof” that may not prove anything. Had the author presented this in a court of law he would have been laughed out of the courtroom by both judge and jury. This story is akin to a prosecutor arguing, “Well the defendant has done the crime once, so clearly he’s done it before!”

Thankfully, our legal system has protections built in for this. In journalism, that duty rests with a skilled editor. Sadly, in this case at least, it doesn’t appear the Bohemian has one.

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Lock ‘Em Up

So if a guy rapes me, Steve Martinot wants to put me in a room to talk to him, instead of putting him in jail (“Imagine No Prisons,” March 5). Wow, that’s brilliant. That’s how I want to spend my days, if that ever happens to me. I definitely want to spend my recovery days looking at the guy who raped me and knowing he’s still walking free, and probably choosing his next victim.

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Mr. Pickle vs. Hitler

First off, I support freedom of speech.

And to be honest, I support Obama. I am, however, not offended when I see someone exercising their right and protesting that Obama should be impeached. But the people who compare him to Hitler are taking that freedom too far.

Regularly a table is set on the sidewalk outside Montgomery Village with a picture of Obama wearing a Hitler mustache. Hitler murdered over
11 million people. I politely call Montgomery Village every time and tell them I find the picture tasteless. They assure me they understand, but that since they are sitting on the sidewalk, there’s nothing that can be done.

I have a five-year-old daughter, and when Mr. Pickle’s first opened, we loved looking for the dancing pickle. Then suddenly, the pickle was gone.

I understand Mr. Pickle’s is not now a business in Montgomery Village. I imagine they felt that the pickle was directing traffic away from their shops.

Yet the Hitler-mustache-wearing-anti-Obama campaign can stay?

I still want to know, and I hope the Bohemian will ask why is it not OK for the pickle to dance on the sidewalk, but it is OK that our president is being compared to the worst tyrant in history.


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