Letters to the Editor


First Salvo from the Island

I was sad and dismayed to learn that you are dropping “A Lunar Eclipse” from the Bohemian. I have known David Sporrong for a very long time, and he is one of the few people on this planet who really has something to say—in a humorous, kind and light-hearted way. He touches so many people on a daily basis, adults and children alike. I will miss hearing what he has to say about what is really happening to all of us here on earth and beyond.

I am hoping that you can find a way to keep “A Lunar Eclipse” alive and well in the Bohemian, as it is such a huge contribution to the paper’s philosophy and reading audience.

Leszlie Boutell


Then On to the Snark

I heard you are dropping a funny comic. That is too bad, because the other strip isn’t funny. I just thought that I would let you know that you have disappointed me a lot with this decision. “A Lunar Eclipse” is funny and contemporary. That is the kind of humor we are so in need of these days. Too bad the vision in the bean-counter division of the Bohemian doesn’t see it that way. Please come to your senses and keep Mr. Sporrong’s work in your weekly. It is usually with great anticipation that I open the Bohemian, but now we get to read “Slices” about an angry man and his cactus—still no humor there.

Tim Walker


Next: The Informal Plea

I just found out that you will be ending David Sporrong’s comic in the Bohemian. What gives? David’s comic was my favorite part of the paper. His viewpoint is always thought-provoking, and his artwork is better than that of any other comic you run. Bring David back!!!!!



The Full Family Appeal

As regular readers of the Bohemian, our family always looks forward to seeing the comic “A Lunar Eclipse” by David Sporrong. We always enjoy the clever pictures and captions and commend the Bohemian for respecting the intelligence of their readers. Please keep “A Lunar Eclipse” so that all of your readers can continue to enjoy a unique voice in a cookie-cutter world.

James, Donna, Ryland and Gage Osborne


The Out-Of-Towner

I pick up and enjoy the Bohemian when I’m in town and also have a look online fairly often. I was disappointed to see that you seem to have dropped “A Lunar Eclipse.” I’ve always enjoyed that strip and don’t see it elsewhere. I hope you’ll bring back “A Lunar Eclipse”!

Paul Conover

Barrington, Illinois

And Finally

Those who read it under a different name in a different paper but are outraged nonetheless

Just wanted to drop you a line regarding your decision to drop the “Moonbeam” comic from your paper. I have always enjoyed that cartoon and am sorry that you made your decision. I hope that you will reconsider.

Keith Bongiovanni

I was hoping that you might bring back “Moonbeam.” That is one of the many reasons that I pick up the Bohemian. I hope to see him back soon.

Josh Kraft