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Um, But it’s the Mormons who Did It

Re: “Outlawed Love” (Dec. 3): I am so proud of these fine gentlemen. They have opened their homes to children that others have closed their doors to—how can that be wrong? How is it wrong to love? Others would like to take the gay lifestyle and compare it to the extreme; i.e., pedophiles, polygamists. I even heard someone say, “If you can marry same sex, why can’t I marry my dog?” which I’m sure the dog would have something to say about, if it had a choice.

We’re supposed to be the land of the free. America came to be because of people fleeing from their own countries due to religious persecution. I know that gay freedom was not something that our forefathers thought about back then, since gay folks have always had to hide. This country has faced so many obstacles, civil wars, terrorism. When it comes to fighting, it’s don’t ask, don’t tell—but we’ll let gays fight. On taxes: we’ll take the gay money. How about civil rights? Oh no, hold on now, we can’t have that!

I am so surprised at the African-American population. It was not too long ago when they couldn’t marry white folk. That was about civil rights and freedom, yet for gay people, it’s different. Because gays are not people, right? Different from the last group of people who fought for their rights, correct? Why are people so hateful that they don’t understand, no matter what background they’re from. Quick to forget and quick to judge—and hate—and kill. And Jesus wept . . .

Arlene Jimenez

San Jose

Wine Swoon

I, too, had the similar experience at Williamson Wines (“Swirl ‘n’ Spit,” July 30). However, I walked out with $400 in wine and a new member of the wine club.

Bill Williamson’s wine and company are peerless. We were spellbound on our first visit, and had the pleasure of tasting everything on the second. You should go back for the Malbec challenge. When complete, you’ll be $68 lighter in the wallet, but you’ll be happy.

Bill and Dawn Williamson made our annual trip to Napa and Sonoma one to remember. Passion for what you do is not made, it just is.

 Mark Pilarski

Westminster, Colo.  


Clearcutting not Clear-Cut

California’s fish are seriously imperilled. Unfortunately, other California ecosystems are going to be reaching collapse, too. Do a web search on “clearcutting” + “California” + “Sierra Pacific Industries” (SPI), and you will find shocking pictures of the massive amounts of clearcutting throughout Sierra Nevada forests.

SPI is in the process of clearcutting or nearly clearcutting almost 1 million acres of critical forest. Most people in California are shocked to find that clearcutting is even legal in California. How can California continue to allow clearcutting after it has become a “leader” in climate change, and after our governor has stated that logging methods like this are not “sustainable” and that our forests in this and Third World countries are critical to climate change?

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the forest industry keep telling us that clearcutting is sound—didn’t our officials just recently also just tell us our economy was sound? Call your legislators and tell them to stop “greenwashing”—stop clearcuttting forests in California, before it is too late.

Susan A. Robinson



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