Killer Tomatoes

Sonoma's Cornerstone Gardens to host 6th annual Tomatomania

It’s one of the most popular plants to grow in a home garden, yet outside of the Roma, beefsteak and cherry varieties, the true diversity and delicious possibilities of the tomato aren’t well known. There are more than 150 tomato cultivars, from Amish paste to Zapote, and each one carries with it a unique color, shape and taste. For dedicated tomato-heads out there, the fruit offers endless delectability, whether it’s tossed in salad, sliced on bread or chomped like an apple. And every year, tomato fans flock to the annual Tomatomania, held for the sixth consecutive year at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma on April 26–27.

Tomatomania began as a small, West Coast phenomenon in the early ’90s and has since grown into a national sensation, and recently caught the attention of the New York Times, which dubbed it “the tomato freak’s Woodstock.”

The event’s Bay Area appearance brings with it everything from tips and tricks, tastings, and seedlings to prepare for the upcoming tomato season. Producer Scott Daigre and local propagator Brad Gates will show off their latest tomato creations, including the world’s first blue tomato and one named after author Michael Pollan. There will also be free workshops and expert advice to turn any garden novice into a tomato fanatic for life.

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