Huey Lewis’ Laptop Still Missing


There’s a couple things about the Huey Lewis car theft story that caught my interest. The gist of it is a 31-year-old woman stole his rental car, which contained his laptop, from a Holiday Inn Express in Mill Valley. She was caught and sentenced this week, but the laptop is still missing.

1) The laptop has not been recovered. Was he working on new tracks for Huey Lewis & the News? Will the unfinished masters be leaked to the Internet?

2) Lewis, a longtime Marin County icon, now lives in Montana. Further investigation shows he also does not like people hunting ducks on his property, and that the way to deal with this is to set out duck bait, signaling to hunters (and legally declaring) that duck hunting is not allowed on the property.

3) He was staying at a Holiday Inn Express. I’m sure that is a nice place and all, but really? That’s one step up from a Best Western. Let’s get Huey Lewis a real hotel to stay in. A nice B&B or something.

4) The woman only received a 50-day sentence and it can be reduced to a misdemeanor in a year. Stealing a candy bar and stealing a car with a laptop inside are the same crime now? Really?

5) This is only news because the victim is the front man of a band called the News, and journalists love to use that word in print.

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