Feb. 1: KWTF Comedy-Palooza at the Arlene Francis Center


If you’re a standup comedian, the point of your act is to get people to laugh. But what if you inspire in an audience member a laugh that’s downright evil—a slow, honking bleat in a descending tone of diabolical plotting? That’s the quandary Sal Calanni found himself in recently, when during his set, a man in the audience repeatedly emitted an insane laugh that threatened to steal the show. Of course, Calanni rolled with it, as seasoned standups do. This week, Calanni heads a comedy festival featuring 16 comics and hosted by local funny girl Lila Cugini on Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Arlene Francis Center. 99 Sixth St., Santa Rosa. 6pm. $10. 707.528.3009.

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