Turn, Turn, Turn

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Grabbing liberally from the bulging bag of cliches available to us, we offer the unremarkable observation that change is the only constant. Moreoever, change is often foisted on us unwillingly, and lo, there we are, changed.

How one handles such transitions is the real cream. In planning this year’s Best of the North Bay issue, we considered how many folks have had transition unhappily thrust upon them in the last two years (insert metaphoric fist wagging at that amorphous entity known as “the economy”) and marveled at how well most have handled the adjustment.

A resilient species, a creative species, takes hardship and unwanted drift and makes something new and good and true out of it. So it is with our friends and neighbors in the North Bay. This Best Of issue not only celebrates your picks for the best merchants, performing spaces, artists, hair dressers, auto mechanics, dress shops and other local providers of culture and commerce and sport and laughter, but it also strives to celebrate those people and entities that have had change thrown haphazardly at them and have triumphed—whether they wanted their new life’s course or not. Thus the phoenix logo so liberally sprinkled throughout, and thus the focus on shaking it up that you’ll see in the following pages. The drop-dead geniuses contributing to this year’s issue include Dani Burlison, Morgan Carvajal, Leilani Clark, Suzanne Daly, Jessica Dur, Daedalus Howell, James Knight, Rose McMackin, Kylie Mendonca, Gabe Meline, Jonah Raskin, Michael Shapiro, Carey Sweet and David Templeton. I wouldn’t change a thing about any of them—though they could ably handle it.

Best of the North Bay 2010

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