.Toilet Paper: A Poem

By Sandra Rae Davies

 Only white please

 Kleenex for a sneeze

 Two ply for me

 Recycled green

 Doesn’t matter now

 No choices

 Shelves are bare

 We don’t care

 Paper towels will suffice

 Not nice on pipes

 Have to wipe

 Bring home to wife

 Sends me back

 Another store

 Another roll

 Last one just sold

 Home empty handed

 I’m branded

 A fool no less

 Without paper to clean a mess

 Take a shower

 Ask neighbor to borrow

 One ply will do

 Pay extra for two

 World’s a mess

 Crazy no less

 Fresh air in demand

 Closed all the cans

 Paper hoarder

 Get a life

 Leave some for others

 Share with your brothers

 Sandra Rae Davies lives in San Anselmo.


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