My Son’s Ashes

Andy Lopez's mother writes a Thanksgiving letter

To Deputy Sheriff Gelhaus, District Attorney Jill Ravitch and members of the law enforcement agencies responsible for the death of my son, on this Thanksgiving:

May the happiness you feel on this special day remain in the memory of every one of you for the rest of your lives.

May this day of Thanksgiving be an unforgettable one for all of you, never forgetting my misery and the suffering of my family.

Instead of doing their job, the police abuse their power, cruelly killing people as they did with my son Andy Lopez Cruz, an innocent boy who loved this country and was willing to fight for it. The patriotism my son had for this country did him no good.

You killed him, you servants of the law, in the worst way. Not even an animal kills in this way; they usually take time to smell their prey before eating it, but you didn’t even give my son time to face you. You murdered him like it was nothing, killed like a bird or raccoon on the side of the road.

Do you not wonder how the family is, how we suffer?

Do we sleep? Do we eat? Do we cry?

Go on and enjoy your dinner while I cry, and my children and their father suffer the grief and pain of not having their brother and son. Remember that you have left much more than an empty chair in this room, and that we no longer can eat, while you meet with all your family members, taking for granted that they are all there with you.

Go on, laugh, drink, while I comfort myself by hugging my son’s ashes, which is what you murderers have left me, on this day of happy thanks given.

Sujey Lopez is the mother of Andy Lopez, who was shot and killed by deputy Erick Gelhaus on Oct. 22. This letter originally appeared on the Facebook page ‘Justice for Andy Lopez.’

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