May 29: Paper Hands at the North Bay Film and Art Collective

Sometimes even the indie labels get it wrong. The rakish singer and guitarist Michael Richardson, well-loved locally for his precise, passionate emo trio Benton Falls, fell victim to legal wrangling with Deep Elm Records when Benton Falls called it a day in 2004. The fight dammed up Richardson’s creative output, with only the occasional solo show in its wake—attended by cultish, faithful fans. Richardson’s since moved to Echo Park in Los Angeles, and the change of pace has inspired a new supergroup of sorts called Paper Hands with fellow Santa Rosa ex-pats Kevin Buchholz, from Kid Dynamo, and Dio McLeod, from Edaline. Based on early demos, Paper Hands’ brand of indie rock is only slightly mellowed with age and blessedly uncorrupted by Southern California. They play with the New Trust, Helen Earth Band and Hanalei on Saturday, May 29, at the North Bay Film and Art Collective. 99 Sixth St., Santa Rosa. 7pm. $5. (No phone.)

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