Mar. 5: Moss Henry at the French Garden Restaurant

While plenty of bands finely hone a brilliant, rapier meta-sarcasm, people like Moss Henry are recording direct, sympathetic albums like Roll the Bones. Unable to be isolated by world events, Henry on his third full-length folk album chimes in on subjects ranging from the 2006 mine disaster at the Sago Mine in West Virginia (“Sago Mine Disaster”) to domestic static (“What Have We Got?”) to the inexcusable torture policies of the Bush administration (“It’s War”). “It is my fervent hope,” he writes, “that Bush and his associates will be held accountable for their war crimes.” Recorded with a  local all-star cast—Blair Hardman, Randy Quan, Dave Zirbel, Doug Adamz, Kevin Russell, Tim Haggerty and more—the album sounds great, but what rises to the surface is Henry’s sincerity, even when making jokes about the size of one’s car in relation to. . .well, you know. Henry plays a record release for Roll the Bones on Friday, March 5, at the French Garden Restaurant. 8050 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol. 7pm. Free. 707.824.2030.Gabe Meline