Mar. 13: Suffragette City in St. Helena

While it’s crazy to think that it’s been less than a hundred years since women won the right to vote, it’s important to remember those who fought for equal rights and an equal voice in American politics. In celebration of Women’s History Month, the White Barn hosts an American suffragettes event with writer Becca Smith, poet Theresa Whitehill and therapist Sarah Forni. History comes to life in published writings and private letters as the lives and motivations of those who founded and led the suffrage movement are examined from the point of view of modern feminism. Daughters and granddaughters are encouraged to come to the event, held on Sunday, March 13, at the White Barn, 2727 Sulphur Springs Road, St. Helena. 3pm. $20. 707.987.8225.

Sonoma County Library