Letters to the Editor: October 5, 2016

'Unbearable and unwatchable'

Cosmic Forces

Many people find this election unbearable and unwatchable, but I find it compelling. Something is truly happening here. The personalities of the presidential candidates have been analyzed to death, but the underlying forces that have thrust them into the limelight are ignored. While Donald Trump is a very colorful character attracting endless attention, he is a projection of a much larger phenomenon, as is Hillary Clinton.

The phenomenon of Trump is the business model of success. The successful businessman model is a function of the money system, which is a function of materialism itself. It is a false model of a false system of false materialism. The heart of the falsehood is scarcity consciousness. The root problem is not greed. The creation of a money system, founded in scarcity, set the greed force loose.

Now we a have person in the public spotlight who exemplifies the dynamic of money in full cartoon Technicolor. Money is the measure of everything in his life. Currently, he is riding on the biggest deal of his life: buying the presidency of the United States. He got there because he bought in, big time, when he saw an opening: no charismatic figure in the field of his opponents.

The business model states that wealth equals power. In a man like Trump, we see that nothing else has modulated his personality. He has no spiritual values, no religious practices, no reverence for anything in the natural world, no appreciation for transcendent creative expressions of humanity, no humility, no emotional depth. He eats crappy food and doesn’t even have a pet. He lives and breathes making money. If he got elected, which he won’t, he would be the first Scrooge to live in the White House.

Fate and destiny have everything to do with this election. There are huge waves of energy moving through our planet reaching tipping points of transformation. These are inexorable forces that represent culminations of cycles, the records of which are literally set in stone throughout the planet. All of nature bows to these cycles. As much as any human being turns his or her back on the industrial world, he or she will tune into the deep truths of the natural world, truths that resonate in each individual.

This is the framework of the election drama. Whether you admire the female who has shown up at this moment in time to challenge the false power of materialism or not is less important than seeing what she symbolizes. After her will come many more because the cycles have spoken. Gradually we will learn that what governs us is not control and punishment, not the power of time equals money and not competition for scarcity. We will break free from the false order to discover our own perfection reflected in the perfection of the cosmic order. This is the fate and destiny of this planet.

You can vote for that.

Point Reyes Station

Without a Clue

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, heard or read everything and again becoming bored, along comes one of those crazy little letters in the Bohemian to save me from myself (“Deplorable,” Sept. 28). Comparing Donald Trump to James Dean? Now I know Chicken Little had it right after all—the sky is falling.


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