Letters to the Editor: June 29, 2016

Man, sometimes y'all are downright mean when you get angry

A Clever Line—Any Clever Line

If “a vote—any vote” was so important (“The California Front,” June 22), then why did every Democrat vote against the two bills Republicans offered in the U.S. Senate? Come up with a clever line to explain their craven hypocrisy. We’ll wait.

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Complete Joke

What Congressman Jared Huffman says is a complete joke (“The California Front”). Gun control costs lives, it does not save them. Look at all the mass shootings. They took place in gun-free zones. Additionally, he speaks highly of California and its ability to pass gun-control laws that Gov. Brown will sign. He simply neglected to mention that most of the laws passed in California violate our civil rights by violating the Constitution’s Second Amendment. These laws will do little but make criminals bolder knowing that average citizens will not be able to defend themselves. They also forgot some minor details about California. We are in debt to the tune of almost $2 trillion. The Democratic oligarchy that runs the state is kicking that figure down the road for now.

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Dirty Water

Do you trust the Sonoma County tourism industry (“Toxic Redux?” June 8)? Do you remember last year’s outbreak and those that entered the river during the Russian River Blues and Jazz festival? And the concurrent Valley Fire? Too many were not informed of the Russian River as non-potable and canine-deadly.

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