Letters to the Editor: January 6, 2016

A couple nice 'Hey, here's what we think' notes, and one 'I evidently didn't read the piece closely enough to realize that my counterpoint is the same point the author makes' letter

Were We Ready?

Tom Gogola’s piece was brutally honest and totally correct (“Not Ready,” Dec. 30). And, no, American was not ready for
Mr. Obama, but I’m sure happy he was our president. The humility, class, calm and superior demeanor this president emanated was priceless. I was certainly ready for him, and I think the world was ready for the United States to have brilliance in the White House. Do we have the audacity for the next president to be a democratic female executive? Heck, yeah! Let’s do it! Haters are going to hate, but we can’t care about them. Bring it on!


From the beginning the “I hate Obama” faction had one problem: there was a black man in the White House.

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Donald Trump is the only candidate in either party who is not owned by the special interests of the left or the right. He represents America’s silent majority of decent men and women.

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There Is a Difference

The Open Mic by Jeff Falconer (“The Evil of Two Lessers,” Dec. 30) was a disaster, typically very condescending to Hillary (and, by implication, Obama) and dismissive to the point of ignorance of some very major differences between the two parties, starting with abortion, women’s rights (including equal pay), gay rights, all minority and social issues, minimum wage, jobs (e.g., infrastructure) science, immigration, climate change (which I would say is a very important issue, wouldn’t you?), gun control, campaign finance reform, tax breaks for the rich and corporations, war, Supreme Court appointments, religious issues, sex education, etc.

Isn’t that enough for you? It’s too bad many progressives have to act, feel and vote (or not vote) in lockstep, often in their own worst interests (such as voting for Ralph Nader and ending up with George Bush), almost moronically and robotically. And thanks to writers like Mr. Falconer, who holds his nose to say the Dems are just barely less obnoxious and dangerous than the GOP nutcases, they’ll keep on doing it.

Same thing all over again by supporting Bernie Sanders. I love Bernie as a person, always have, and it’s great having him in the Senate. But there’s no way in hell he’ll be elected in this country, for a variety or reasons, but primarily because he’s way too far left. So what’s wrong with Hillary? Let’s celebrate having the first woman as president and someone historically more accomplished, intelligent, versatile, strong and dynamic than just about anyone you can name. What, she’s not perfect? She’s too middle-of-the-road? That’s the whole point—maybe she can actually get elected. Mr. Falconer’s lukewarm approach to this election could very likely give us Trump or Cruz or some other catastrophe. Are you ready for that? No!

San Franicsco

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