Letters to the Editor: February 27, 2013

The Post Office

Thank you to the Bohemian for the great article on the Post Office (“A First-Class Institution,” Feb. 27). This false “crisis,” brought on by the federal government’s debilitating demand that the USPS pre-fund its health benefits 75 years into the future, is one of the biggest lies of our time. No other papers seem willing to tell the truth. Instead, they praise the so-called good idea of cutting Saturday delivery without saying the real reason the post office is in trouble: it’s getting robbed.


More on Mate

Booooo! to the uninspired cover story written by Jay Scherf on Mate (“Bottling the Tradition,” Feb. 13). His angle of traditionalism from the Argentine perspective seemed to be just a thinly veiled dislike of the Guayakí company. It was petty and very unsupportive of a great local company.

Santa Rosa

Sorry to the Guayakí supporters, but this was a great and very funny read. It’s worth looking at how the people who first made use of yerba mate regard what we’ve done with it. Reminds me a bit of how tobacco was used traditionally, and what we’ve done with it since.

Via online

Jay Scherf’s article seems to me more an indictment of the American consumer than of Guayakí’s marketing. Think about it. If Guayakí could manage to sell traditional gourds and shared straws to a public that is addicted to single-use bottles, it would be a miracle! The fact is that we in the U.S. are spoiled. One need look no further than the clogged streets of Sebastopol to find hundreds of so-called environmentalists behind the wheels of cars, who are too lazy or entitled to ride their bikes to Whole Foods to buy beeswax soap and hemp beer.

As the article points out, Guayakí is on the more conscious end of drink manufacturing, with rainforest-protection efforts and work with local farmers. Those who think the article was a criticism of Guayakí are probably just trying to obscure the real target of their own consumerist patterns.


The SRJC Job Board Is Free

Contrary to a reader’s letter published on Feb. 20, the SRJC job board is in fact a free service to all employers, current students and alumni of SRJC. The SRJC is committed to the success of our students, and committed to support the community at large. In fact, in fulfilling our mission, we are dedicated to exercising our public responsibility for sound resource development and use.

One such resource is the SRJC job board. The Career Development Services Department and Student Employment are able to expand our services by contracting with College Central Network. Unfortunately, Tamara went directly to the College Central Network site rather than visiting the Santa Rosa Junior College student employment website. The College Central Network does charge to list open positions to individual employers—and this is why the SRJC pays an annual fee to access its services. By paying this fee, employers, SRJC students and SRJC alumni can use College Network free of charge. It gives all registered users access to a nationwide job search, or jobs specifically listed for the communities in the SRJC service area. As a matter of fact, we have student employees on hand to support any business that might have trouble navigating the employer registration and job-posting services.

We are thrilled that Tamara’s internship turned into a permanent position—what a great SRJC success story! In order to create more such success stories, we will be holding a career and internship fair for current students and alumni on April 24. The theme is “Put Your Education to Work.” Everyone is welcome to contact us for more information at 707.527.4941.

Santa Rosa Junior College

For a Dancer

I know Erma Murphy personally, and she is just such a delight to work with that it is no wonder she has arisen to such a level of measurable success in the industry (“Not Fade Away,” Feb. 13). I am so proud to know her and call her my friend. She is a true treasure to this community.

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