Letters to the Editor: December 19, 2018

A tiny helping of classic (and infamous) mail dropped in our box over the years

Bosco Up a Tree (October 4, 1990)

Do not badmouth Mr. Bosco. He’s doing what he can. As we all do. Mr. Bosco is a politician. He likes being a politician. It’s his bag. He wants to keep on being a congressman. In order to do so, he must go where the political clout wants him to go.

Mr. Bosco is not dumb. I would call him a responsible representative. Now, the folks up in the northern section of his bailiwick are in mortal terror that someone is going to stop them from chopping down trees. Chopping trees is their metier. It’s what they know how to do.

I know the feeling of a threat to one’s job. I lost a job once. It hurt. Doug understands the psyche. He sees the panic in the eyes of the woodsmen. He is trying to help them out with their problem

I always vote. Gives me the feeling that I have a part in what’s going on. It’s just a feeling.

I have come to feel that the lumber folks are taking away the last of our forests. They are not stupid either. They know that the trees are going fast and that they will have nothing else to chop. And then what?

Panic. Cold sweat. Hungry, bare-assed kids! Anything but that! So if they can get our congressman’s vote in their endeavor, they are going to do it.

However, I think they are engaged in a shortsighted struggle. I do not like what I see. I cannot contribute to your support, Mr. Bosco. I can no longer vote for you.

Camp Meeker

NRA, We Hardly Knew Ya
(October 14, 2009)

Introducing a new political party: Never Re-Elect Anyone (NRA). Never Re-Elect Anyone is the new political party seeking your vote. We don’t ask for any membership dues, don’t send you any material in the mail, have no solicitation of funds, will never phone you, have no meetings. We only ask you to Never Re-Elect Anyone.

P.S.: Remember, a new broom sweeps clean.


George Harrison: Hack
(December 13, 2001)

Regarding Greg Cahill’s article about George Harrison: Contrary to Cahill’s interpretation of the material on Electronic Sound as “abstract tone poems,” these droppings were nothing more than random, unedited, oscillator noises, designed for no performance or other purpose than to show Harrison some of the capabilities of the instrument. Amazing how some have interpreted this as “art.” If it had been my choice, it would never have been released. [Editor’s note: Krause is credited as an assistant on Electronic Sound.]

Glen Ellen

2018 Real Time Correction: Because of a combined reporting-editing error made by Tom Gogola, a line in “Grow-Site Pains” (Dec. 4, 2018) inaccurately reported that Supervisor Lynda Hopkins said the Jackalope cannabis-farm applicants had approached Supervisor Shirlee Zane in the supervisors’ lobby. The story also inaccurately reported that the applicants’ proposal was for a CDB-only grow; the application also calls for low-THC plants to be grown on the proposed site. We regret the errors, and while we’re at it, totally regret that we did not reach out to the Friends of Graton for comment. Total bonehead move.

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