Letters to the Editor: December 14, 2016

'There's some ass-kicking out here to be done'

Dry Guy

I am a soil scientist, and I’ve planted vineyards around the world (“Dirt Farmer,” Dec. 7). Soils vary considerably in origin, chemistry, rock content and depth. You cannot treat all soils the same, especially when it comes to irrigation. I oversee vineyards in California planted in rock with very little soil. Vines would not produce crop if these vineyards were dry-farmed. Management must suit the site and not an ideal.

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Amazing man, great family. They are all invested, heart and soul, in agriculture and live off the land.

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Da Bomb

What? Go Gary! I had no idea you had this in you (“The Bomb,” Nov. 30). I mean, I knew you were clever and brilliant and hilarious and kind and thoughtful and really, really good at your job, but a novel? Awesome. I’m going to get ahold of a copy post-haste

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Bargain Buy

One hundred and ninety dollars an ounce (“The Nugget,” Dec. 7)? Geez, we were getting more than that in the 1970s. What a deal!

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Let’s Get Busy

This horrendous election has unleashed a candidate who is uneducated, unskilled and a criminal. And he associates with the same breed. His words and acts are unconscionable.

We were all in mourning, but the time for mourning is over. It’s time for action. It will take much creative thinking by millions of us to stop this train wreck. I will join with you.

We cannot sit by and observe as more and more dangerous “appointees” are announced each day to join in this fascist takeover, and while this ill-mannered, uncultured, narcissistic buffoon ascends to the most powerful office in the land and ravages our world.

When a dictator takes power in other parts of the world, the people respond. We in the U.S. need to respond, and be as creative as we can. Put a wrench in the machine, toss banana peels under their feet, whatever we can do to create imbalance for them.

I’m inspired by the eloquent Harry Belafonte. “We just have to get out our old coats,” he says, “dust them off, stop screwing around and just chasing the good times, and get down to business. There’s some ass-kicking out here to be done. And we should do it.”

Santa Rosa

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