Letters to the Editor: August 26, 2015

A note defending fellow creatures; A thank you for our 'Peak Wine' feature; And one nice guy who took the time to cast his letter into rhyme

Humane Interests

People who kill animals for sport (“Open Season,” Aug. 5) are fond of trotting out the fact that they pay taxes and fees for the right to follow this barbaric practice, and ask, “Where would the animal populations be without our contributions?” Wildlife is not managed for the benefit of wildlife, but for the benefit of hunters, who make up less than 10 percent of the population. Animal behaviorists and scientists know that animal populations control themselves naturally by a self-limiting, cyclical process. Wildlife by law belongs to the people of California, but the Fish and Game Commission doesn’t represent humane interests. The extent of animal suffering involved, when killing quotas are set, is never measured.


Word to the Water Wise

Thank you for raising awareness about the winery situation in the county (“Peak Wine,” July 29). I think, with the drought, it’s very important for people to realize that wine and hard cider are luxuries, not necessities. We need pure water for drinking and more water for growing our food, not pouring even more of our precious water supply into producing alcohol. For comparison, New Zealand has less than 500 wineries, and we already have over 400 in this county alone. How about growing more table grapes instead of more wine varietals? I hope that reason prevails over ambition. California is turning into a desert. Let’s save water for real needs.


My Karma Cup

When you’re at a red light, and you need to turn left,

and there’s a person on the median, who ain’t at their best,

and they’re asking for a handout or a spare bit of change,

With a sign saying “God bless you! Have a nice day” in exchange

How do you respond? Do you silently pray

that they’ll leave you alone, and just go away,

And say to yourself, “They should get a job or a life,

and stop bothering me with their worries and strife.

I work hard for my money, I’ve earned every cent.

I’ve got bills to pay, a mortgage or rent”?

Do you breathe a bit easier when the light turns to green

so you can move on, without appearing stingy or mean,

And swallow your shame as it wells up inside

for all you’ve been blessed with and cherish with pride?

There was a time when I’d pull up with dread,

The justifications swirling around in my head:

They make lots of money, I don’t have any small bills,

to placate my guilt, and ease some of their ills.

It was easier, I found, to set the money aside,

so now a couple of bucks in my visor reside.

A karma cup fund to help me, and them.

To open my heart, and let abundance flow in.

Santa Rosa

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