Hanging Up

AT&T was my undoing

I admit defeat, and I don’t give up easily.

I switched my telephone service for my two home lines to AT&T U-Verse after being told the service was better and more economical. This occurred at the end of November 2014

Well, the service was installed, and the problems began. First, AT&T sent all my voicemail messages to my Sebastopol office. I remedied this problem after hours on the phone, but then AT&T disconnected my second line. After many weeks, a tech admitted that AT&T does not know how to use its software. She was able to locate what seems to be the one person who did, and in one night the problem was solved. This took 55 hours of my time, and it took AT&T one month to restore service.

I had service for about four and a half months. Out of the blue, AT&T emailed to say they were adding voicemail to my second line, where I already had voicemail. Now anyone who calls my home office number (my second line) gets the message that the number is no longer in service. AT&T also disconnected my first line. The biggest problem is that I have had my second line for 31 years and everything is connected to that number (ads for my business, etc.). It has been seven weeks, and my service is still inoperable, even though I had an attorney and various agencies contact AT&T.

What my experience has shown is that AT&T has no level of responsibility to the consumer. Everything is about sales, not service. The level of incompetence is amazing. AT&T truly doesn’t care if they provide a product, and there is that all-too-pervasive attitude of “We are just too big to fail.” I would use Sonic, but AT&T and Sonic contract with each other in Fairfax, so the problems would remain the same.

As I said to AT&T, it’s fine to offer service and then not be able to provide service, but the public needs to be informed that this is how they operate business.

Debbie Coe lives in Fairfax.

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