Letters to the Editor: April 3, 2019

Am I Dreaming?

California Dreaming

What a fantastic idea (“Tow Hold,” March 20)! Now I can finally realize my dream of living in the most affluent neighborhoods of California. I’ll just ditch my house, buy a beat up RV and park in Beverly Hills, Atherton, Kentfield and Pacific Heights. Wait, I have an even better idea! Why don’t we establish free parking zones around the residences of our elected officials including Mr Chiu. Why we could even park outside of Gov. Newsom’s new gated (or should I say walled) home in Fair Oaks. Let’s hope AB 516 sails through our thoughtful legislative process.

Marin County

With the

Thanks for reporting on this (“With the Resisterhood,” March 27). Glad things are finally being done for these “invisible” workers, though nowhere near enough. Domestic workers and caregivers deserve benefits, overtime, and more respect.

Via bohemian.com

Clucked Up

Why does Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick and District Attorney Jill Ravitch get to decide which laws they want to enforce? (“Playing Chicken,” March 19) Are they not enforcing animal cruelty laws at farms just because they support their campaigns? This smells of corruption and needs to be investigated.

Santa Rosa

Dept. of

Our annual Best of the North Bay issue from two weeks ago contained two errors. In the Best Of item, “Best Photo Shoot Gone Awry,” the CBD pre-roll product referenced was not from Marigold farms. Marigold will do just fine. And, the “Best Biodynamic Cannabis for All Sexes” item misidentified the Garden Society’s podcast as “Casually Baked.” The show is simply called, Garden Society: The Podcast. The Bohemian regrets the errors.

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