Letters to the Editor


The Bootmaker’s Banking Battle

I am writing to thank the Bohemian and everyone in my extended community who have offered their support for my case against US Bank and usurious lending in general (“Round 12: TKO,” March 16). This letter will also set the record straight with regard to my case. On March 11, in my 12th personal appearance in Sonoma County Superior Court, the judge threw out my cross-complaint (all seven causes of action) and therefore, it does not look promising for me. However, I have not lost, and my fight is not over, because there is a 13th round on April 12, at which time US Bank will attempt to prevail on their original complaint and lawsuit against me. If I am able to make it through this round, a jury trial is set to begin three days later. I am extremely confident that I will survive the next round.

Up until this date, I, like David, have pummeled US Bank with stones from my slingshot with little effect. Now, in keeping with the script of David and Goliath, I must move quickly and forcefully directly toward the neck in an effort to behead my opponent. My sword is sharp with an edge polished with statutory law, and Goliath will fall, so help me God. The odds were never in my favor, and just like the Biblical story, we will all celebrate when the earth trembles from the aftershock of the giant’s headless body crashing down. Needless to say, my imagination has largely contributed to my stamina to stay the course until the end in the hope that we will all live happily ever after.

Michael Carnacchi



My partner and I had an interesting run-in with one of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s finest two days before this article ran (“Sound of the Police,” March 9). I agree that we are all human, and also that we are somehow ingrained with an inherent fear of law enforcement. But when stopped for an ambiguous traffic violation, illegally searched and grabbed on the side of Highway 101, stuffed in the back of the sheriff vehicle while our vehicle was illegally searched for marijuana with no outcome, the fact that we should be fearful of law enforcement who are supposed to protect and serve was ingrained a bit more.

Wave at your local law enforcement officer if you’d like, but remember, even in our small community, corruption still exists, human or not.


Via email

Witch Hunt

The Republican Party, not content with its assault on rights for wage and healthcare negotiations, now wants to drag us back to one of the lowest points in American history. Enter one Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who has convened hearings targeting American Muslims in a disgusting display reminiscent of the disgraceful McCarthy hearings of the ’50s.Scapegoating is as old as the Bible, and it bubbles up to the surface here at home every so often. Some pass it off as just a distraction, and that might be in the Republican’s playbook, but it’s a dangerous one. If history teaches us anything, it’s that tribunals of this nature—singling out a particular group for bigoted scrutiny and suspicion—can have disastrous consequences.

These kinds of witch hunts should be roundly and loudly condemned by every newspaper in every city and town across the country. King, those on his committee, and anyone in league or in agreement with this despicable act are an affront to the citizenry of our nation.

Will Shonbrun


Thanks, Person

I get my morning coffee at Peet’s Coffee on Fourth Street in downtown Santa Rosa every morning, and I see your newspaper rack and publication. I feel you give out special key data for keeping everyone in Sonoma County tuned, and I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate you. You keep me attuned and keep my blood flow pumping to good rhythm.

Daily Coffee Drinker

Santa Rosa

Dept. of Cooking

An anonymously submitted item in last week’s calendar regarding a cooking class at Viva in Sebastopol was incorrect and should have been caught by our editors. The Bohemian regrets the error.

The Ed.

Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Library