Letters to the Editor


From our constant reader

A cool and refreshing opinion piece from P. Joseph Potocki (“Playing the Hand Dealt,” Open Mic, June 11). Democrats, play the hand you’ve been dealt! Obama wasn’t my first choice, either. John Edwards seemed the better change agent (and a Southerner, to boot). But it won’t be the first time I’ve resolved to be hopeful about a politician who gave me doubts. As Potocki implies, look at the alternative. The country, the world, doesn’t have the leisure to sulk for another four years.

Another kind of cold came over me from Amanda Yskamp’s article on home-schooling (“Class Struggle,” June 11). What if all mothers followed Dawn Martin and maintained that they’d teach their children as God decreed? The answer to inadequate public schools is not pulling kids out of them but getting parents involved in them.

Don Mcqueen

Santa Rosa

Equal opp offense

Let’s face it, Santa Rosa is an urban planning disaster. Given this grim state of affairs, I offer a few modest urban planning proposals for Santa Rosa:

  • Pick up the Santa Rosa Plaza and drop it on its pathetic, dying brother in Coddingtown.

  • Raze the current section of Highway 101 that goes through Santa Rosa. Reroute 101 so that it goes through the western edge of the city instead (via South Wright/Fulton Road). Make this route 20 lanes wide. Try to minimize the impact on Roseland, as we don’t want to displace too many people who do actual work.

    The first two steps will open up a lot of space in the middle of town. But what do we put in all this newly opened space? Two suggestions:

  • Move the Railroad Square section of downtown to where the dumbass mall used to be. Sell the Wells Fargo Center for the Performing Arts to some evangelical nut case and build a new center right next to the newly unified downtown. Go out on a limb and give the new center one of those corny, rustic names, like the “Luther Burbank Center.”

  • Move SSU and all its student housing to where Highway 101 used to be.

    Finally, build the SMART train line, but after the downtown Petaluma station, have it go down the east side of the Petaluma River and end with a passenger ferry terminal at the Port Sonoma Marina.

    Yes, I know. My proposals are absurd. Not quite as absurd as the current situation, but absurd nonetheless. And, yes, my proposals would be quite expensive, but they would not cost as much as you might think. After all, any Marin County resident who boarded a SMART train could be charged 100 times the normal fare.


    Santa Rosa

    Won’t even sign his or her name!

    Counseling counselors

    Being a Christian in the diversity of a postmodern world can sometimes feel like goosestepping naked through cold streets–a bit humiliating. But what the hey, I’m new to this thing and really didn’t become a Christian caring what anybody thought of me personally. However, I do care about my church and everything the sweet love of Jesus represents. So let me apologize for redemptive torture, vacuous televangelists, bombed abortion clinics and, yes, pedophilic priests.

    Reading Tom Mariani’s “Spiritual Stains” (Open Mic, June 4), and giving silent kudos to Martin Luther and the printing press, I felt a welling, undeniable empathy. Where does a respected spiritual leader go when he feels the inklings of the impure? In light of the reverence that some still hold for their religious counsel, does a priest dare prostrate himself and confess his faults to those who may lose faith? I would sincerely hope so. This is the tragic demise of Father Rogers and many before him, inside as well as outside the ornate veil of the Catholic juggernaut. Counselors need counseling, too.

    Trevor Moore

    Santa Rosa

    Dept. of Corrections

    The Buckshot Boys would like you to know that there are other members to their band than just drummer Skyler Coleman (“Youngabilly,” Critic’s Choice, June 18), who evidently received more than his fair share of attention in our recent small salute to the band. Please meet songwriter/vocalist/rhythm guitarist Cassidy Crowley, bassist Evan Saunders and guitarist Brett Beaudry. For correct dates on their upcoming gigs (you know who you are, evil fairies!), go to www.myspace.com/buckshotboys. And please, don’t pay too much attention to Skyler.

    The Ed.

    missing the beat

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