June 22: Loverboy at the Sonoma-Marin Fair


Man, I thought all these dudes and dudettes were listening to Loverboy’s Get Lucky, and that they’d finally caught on to what an awesome album it is. I mean, dudes, c’mon. Then the other day someone asked me “Have you heard ‘Get Lucky’?” and I was all, “Yeah, it’s flippin’ awesome! Loverboy rules!” But they said, “No, I mean the new Daft Punk song.” Daft Punk?! Yeah, I know. I couldn’t believe it either, dudes. Whatever, at least I know who the better band is, and that’s Loverboy, who play on Saturday, June 22, at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. 100 Fairgrounds Drive, Petaluma. $10—$15. 8pm. 707.283.3247.

Sonoma County Library