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C.A.M.P brings art and music to the Redwoods

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It’s nice to see J’s Amusement Park in Guerneville still being put to good use. That’s what’ll happen when C.A.M.P. (“Camp Art Music Party”) takes over the site of the abandoned amusement park for a three-day celebration of all things spontaneous, artistic and delightful.

Video installation artist, SSU graduate and C.A.M.P. organizer Luke Austin Judd says one of his goals is to honor the beauty and history of the area. “Guerneville has this history of epic parties, going back to the 1920s,” says Judd.

The topsy-turvy, summer-camp vibe will be pushed to the max with swimming, dance parties, 30-plus bands (the Aimless Never Miss, the Crux, the Gomarrans, Blank Tapes, Little Wings (above) and others) miniature golf, DJs, craft tents, campfire jam sessions and a drag-queen seminar and show.

Judd says that the creation of a collaborative “smorgasbord” environment has been integral. There’s no backstage and no VIP area.

“The big thing for me is that sense of people feeling comfortable creating and doing their own thing,” says Judd. “I want people to make their own adventure over the weekend.”

C.A.M.P. runs Friday-Sunday, July 22-24, at Camp Outback. Mays Canyon Road and Highway 116, Guerneville. $10-$30 per day; $40-$50 for weekend passes.

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