Dream On

Pure Powers spreads positive vibes through music

Independent hip-hop artist and 2016 NorBay award winner Pure Powers was gifted with knowing what he wanted to do in life, and the talent and tenacity to realize his dreams.

Growing up in west Sonoma County and on the island of Maui, he’s been repping both as an emcee and rapper, and has gained a following through his affirming lyrics and lightning-fast delivery.

Two years ago, Pure Powers, born Brendan Powers, was wrapping up his debut record,

My Album, when he met Sonoma County producer Rudy G with
RG Recordings, a local independent hip-hop label.

“We both had the same dream of putting Sonoma County on the map,” says Powers. “We wanted to show that no matter where you’re from or what your background is, as long as you have a dream and you’re passionate about it, anything can come true.”

Over the last two years, Powers and RG Recordings worked together producing Powers’ new album, One Dream, out now. Featuring fast and inventive rhymes laid over smooth beats, One Dream boasts an impressive array of collaborators and guests, like Del the Funky Homosapien, Opio and Pep Love from underground Bay Area hip-hop icons Hieroglyphics, as well as San Francisco rapper Z-Man, singer-songwriter Khyenci Tienne and Oregon-based emcee Landon Wordswell.

“My whole saying is I make friends, not beats,” Powers says. The rapper co-wrote many of the hooks, beats and lyrics on One Dream, and the album shines as a focused work that is consistently fresh, funny, powerful and inspiring.

“The main message that I’m pushing right now, and that I feel is really important to be voiced, is that we all have the power to do what we want to do with our lives,” Powers says. “Do what you love and do it to the best of your ability.”

In the spirit of positivity, Powers and RG Recordings have released One Dream to the masses at no cost, as a token of appreciation to everyone following the journey.

This month, manager Brendan Ward with Euphoric Music Group booked Pure Powers on a tour with Oakland hip-hop stars Zion I and Lafa Taylor.

“I’m honored to be touring with them,” he says. “They’ve really helped pave the way for [eclectic] artists like me to not only have a voice in hip-hop, but to also go beyond genres and break down walls. Good music is good music, and good music with love behind it is even better.”

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