Burritos of Compassion

A few days before Christmas, many homeless people in Santa Rosa were trying to stay warm under flimsy umbrellas during an onslaught of cold rain. While we are happy for the rain, it presents a dilemma to hundreds of local residents without shelter.

Times are getting worse for many of these poor folks, but there was a bright spot for some that day. The good people at Los Arcos Restaurant on Marlow Road in west Santa Rosa gave out hot, fresh Christmas burritos to many grateful folks. Francisco Cano was the man behind the giveaway, while volunteers from Homeless Action, Santa Rosa Together, and VetConnect hand delivered the Christmas Burritos to people on the streets.

Thank goodness for people with big hearts like Mr. Cano, who was willing to give away more than a hundred burritos, worth hundreds of dollars, to help those worse off than himself.

The people from Homeless Action have also been helping with homeless encampments in Roseland, where local restaurants have been stepping up to help the disadvantaged. VetConnect has been hosting meals and handing out warm clothing to veterans while trying to help anyone else in need this season. There are many more people in need than you might surmise, so please take the time to reach out to your fellow men, women and children and help whoever you can be warm and dry, as well as fed. The new year is a perfect time to make a resolution to help others in need.

Centuries ago it was said, “God bless everyone!” I wish the same to all of you, and look forward to a better year for all Americans. Good deeds, not just words, are needed.

Duane De Witt is from Roseland and volunteers on many Roseland adventures. He hands out Paco’s burritos when he can.

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