.Aug. 29: Blues, Brews & BBQ in Napa

A letter to the editor recently chastened the Bohemian for running a cover story on a local barbecue chef (“Lonestar State of Mind,” Aug. 5). The bereaved reader demanded why we would celebrate the carnivorous tendencies of modern man, asking, “Why do you glorify our ignorance?” It’s a valid question. After all we know about the ethically questionable practices of the American meat industry and the giant carbon footprint caused by consuming animal flesh, it seems like we would all have evolved to vegetarianism by now, if not downright veganism. Yet there is something in the musky aroma of smoke rising from a grill with well-marinated ribs freshly laid down that makes our mammalian hearts melt to a more primal state. It may be wrong, but gosh darn it, those ribs will be delicious at Blues, Brews & BBQ, which features live music, microbrew tasting, the county’s finest winemakers competing in a rib-eating contest and lots of barbecue. Dig in on Saturday, Aug. 29, in downtown Napa. 1–6pm. Free. 707.257. 0322.Daniel Hirsh


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