We the People

Remember, the Constitution doesn’t begin with “I the President.” It begins with “We the People.”

Trump and Republicans: You can try to divide the country, but we will rise up and unify. All of us together. Women/men, black/white, gays/straight, disabled/young, old/Native American

We will not go quietly back to the 1950s. Love, not hate, makes America great. Are you listening white, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigrant Republicans? We the people: America is made great by immigrants, people of color, Muslims, women, gays. Real presidents pay their taxes.

Change the things that are unacceptable. We will not be silent. We will not play dead.

This is what patriotism looks like. Trump and Republicans: You work for all Americans, not white religious Republicans. This is what patriotism looks like.

Nevada City


Bohemian editors,

Thank you for publishing Project Censored’s top 10 deliberate omissions of and by the corporate media (“Censored 2020,” Jan. 1). Indeed many of these were covered in alternative media and blogs, such as The Real News, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, The Intercept, Shadowproof, Common Dreams, Washington’s Blog, Popular Resistance, Wrong Kind of Green, and many others. While none are perfect, and some more reliably reporting facts than others, citizens have myriad opportunities to inform themselves. Start reading, people!

Whether “citizens” choose to inform themselves is a vital question for any hope for sustaining life on this Earth, as reliable information (not the kind the corporate media feeds you from the corporate-government-security state trough) merely represents a foundation for true resistance and effective actions to turn the tide against fascism, racism, militarism, imperialism, injustice, ecological annihilation, and other crimes against humanity and life. Every day, each of us should be writing letters, sending emails, making telephone calls, and then demonstrating your concerns in public as you choose. Sign petitions all you like, but they don’t amount to anything but cyberjunk, and are used by faux-progressive disaster profiteers to ensure their continued obeisance to illegitimate authority.

In my short lifetime, I’ve witnessed the complete submission of our rights and values to the sadistic, rapacious nature of capitalism and its minions, and without organized, widespread, and committed activism and civil disobedience, we’ve yet to see the ugliest from the psychopaths who’ve had their way for far too long. Start reading and watching from something other than corporate media outlets, and get involved as if your life depended on it. It does.

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More Rialto Love

Ky Boyd has been a leader in Sonoma County, bringing art to the attention of many plus helping nonprofits along with his excellent staff (“Screen the World,” Dec. 18)! To be in business in such a competitive market takes skill, dedication and love for the process and end goals.

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