Hollow Be Thy Name

A Poem by Robert Eugene Rubino

Our grifter whose art of the Fox-spun spiel

loaded with ego overloaded with id

out of context without conscience

whose aggrieved entitlement whose flatulent fraudulence

became our American Tragedy

hollow be thy name hateful is thy kingdom

of racist misogynist xenophobic homophobic

ranting raving trumped-up anger

here & everywhere on earth where

your knee-jerk anti-science arrogant ignorance

as public policy shamefully mining misery & corruption

cruelty your credo confining children in cages

you give us each day our daily dread

of bullying bravado of denying or ignoring facts

of flaunting acts of mendacity high & low

oh forgive us for in the future near & far

you’ll be reduced to trivia in every bar:

who’s the “populist” who lost the popular vote?

who’s the subject of Commander-in-Cheat?

who’s the only prez in pro rasslin’s hall of fame?

Lead us no more after 2020 and deliver us

from your narcissism your pathology

go away retreat retire go back

under the rocks of unreality tv & steal estate deals

from which you floated bloated like a toxic beach ball

deceptively at first appearing harmless even perversely playful

cartoonish buffoonish idiotic patriotic pompous ass

your neck red with resentment your klan-white face your gas-flame
blue eyes

let’s not forget your swept-back combed-over orange-yellow mane

as lame as your qualifications such as they are

limited to your masterful mimicking of Il Duce gesticulation

& your demonizing morally cracked compass

your compassion-clogged con

your junk fool mentality.

May our American Tragedy end

the sooner the better. Amen.

Robert Eugene Rubino worked 28 years in daily journalism in
Sonoma County. Since retiring in 2013 he has published prose and
poetry in various literary journals.

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