Nov 11, 2020

Letters: King of Denial and the Road Warriors

Trump lacks the guts to admit that he lost the election because of his own mistakes on many important issues. Any...
Oct 28, 2020

Open Mic: Rethinking Halloween

I’ve long been disturbed by Halloween, and here we are again. Money spent on lights, plastic skeletons, bones and headstones to...
Oct 28, 2020

Letters: Talking Props

NO! The point of prop 13 was to not force families to sell due to property taxes. THIS WILL FORCE SALES...
Oct 21, 2020

Open Mic: Sonoma County Defies State Wildfire Safety Standards

by Marylee Guinon, Craig S. Harrison and Deborah A. Eppstein While many Sonoma County...
Oct 21, 2020

Letters: Support Measure P

Measure P, Sonoma County’s proposed ordinance to make IOLERO (Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach) more effective, does not...
Oct 14, 2020

Letters: MALT Views

The tendentious nature of Peter Byrnes’ article (“Malted Millions,” News, Sept. 30)—assuming illicit practices, painting MALT as...
Oct 14, 2020

Open Mic: The Wrong Dam Way

Climate change is real, and now. In California, every year this century was hotter than last century’s average. Overall precipitation is...
Oct 8, 2020

Letters: Point Reyes Shame

The updated “plan” for Pt. Reyes is a cynical way to give the 24 ranchers (who were paid for their land...