.Letters: Point Reyes Shame

The updated “plan” for Pt. Reyes is a cynical way to give the 24 ranchers (who were paid for their land over 20 years ago) more latitude to graze even more livestock, to put slaughterhouses on federal land, and to kill native tule elk.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Don’t fall for the National Park Service’s calling these ranches our “cultural heritage,” any more than killing off native people and native species can be called “cultural heritage.” The cattle destroy coastal scrub habitat and pollute the limited water. Veal crates with babies taken from their mothers and piles of old tires are prime features of the dairies.

Please contact Woody Smeck ([email protected]), our governor, state senators and Jared Huffman (who FAVORS this “plan”) and demand that this disgusting expansion of business rights be scrapped now. We made the oyster people leave. Now make the ranchers do the same.

Nancy Hair


MALT Shame

So shameful (“MALTED Millions,” News, Sept. 30). I donated for years thinking my money was keeping open space for public use, not providing loan money for board members. I won’t donate further until changes are made.


Via Bohemian.com

Yes, shame on MALT for straying so far from the original intention(“MALTED Millions,” News, Sept. 30); saving these beautiful lands from developers—not enriching themselves! Especially disappointing to read they refused an easement to support an organic farming project.

Looking forward to reading about “the federal government paying millions of dollars to dairy ranchers who agreed to leave after 25 years, but as of yet are still there.” Thank you for the investigative reporting.


Via Bohemian.com


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