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The tendentious nature of Peter Byrnes’ article (“Malted Millions,” News, Sept. 30)—assuming illicit practices, painting MALT as somehow elitist and secret—chooses to slight the cause for which MALT was created, the preservation and viability of agriculture and protection of open land. 

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music in the park san jose

One might think Byrne actually favors more L.A.-type development, but in any case, he asserts, but does not prove, that there is an actual conflict of interest. Boards typically are made up of people dedicated to their missions. 

MALT’s transactions have been a matter of public record for years. Byrne clearly sides with the Slayen lawsuit, the merits of which have yet to be adjudicated.

Thomas Wood


Peter Byrne’s exposé is excellent and long overdue (“Malted Millions,” News, Sept. 30). Board members/land owners who have been helping themselves to generous cash payments for overvalued easements and massive property tax reductions are another swift kick in the backside of taxpayers. 

At the same time, we have the National Park Service about to sign off on a new “plan” to give a couple dozen endlessly entitled and subsidized ranchers on the Pt. Reyes National Seashore even more latitude to graze livestock, pollute water, degrade land, add slaughterhouses and kill off native tule elk. 

Please, if you are sick of these nonstop handouts to “family farms” on our public lands, write to the National Park Service NOW before this sub rosa “plan” is finalized.

Nancy Hair



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