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Thanks for this news article, I didn’t know California was considering a public banking law (“In Us We Trust,” June 19, 2019). Good idea! I’ll be writing to Sen. McGuire in support of it.

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The Horrors

It is unfathomable to me that there are those who have lost so much compassion and empathy for their fellow human beings that they legitimize child detention centers
and the horrors within on purely political partisanship.

“I screamed at God for the oppressed and incarcerated child until I
saw the oppressed and incarcerated child was God screaming at me.”
—Author Unknown


In the United States detention means you have to stay after school in the principal’s office for chewing gum in class. It does not mean little kids are now automatically relegated to the lowest caste of untouchables where you will likely remain imprisoned in filth, hunger, and distress, as your family goes crazy with fear, until you die or are saved by Democrats.


The Road Ahead

St. Helena, California, has been classified by some as a dying town, conflicted about what steps must be taken to remain a viable community. How did a beautiful, world-class tourist destination end up in such a dilemma? We can look to five stages of decline as identified by Jim Collins in his book How the Mighty Fail for insight where identifies things like “hubris born of success,” the undisciplined pursuit of more” and “denial of risk and peril.”

The perceived path to salvation is now in contention. We have a debate regarding the future of 5.6 acres of vineyards, in a prime location just a couple blocks from downtown, owned by the city. In the simplest terms, one group wants to sell the property for privatization and the other wants the property preserved for civic use only.

Here is where it gets interesting. A Saint Helenian recently stated “it is nice the city gathers ideas from the citizens. However, infinite wisdom is not held in the mind of the masses. Leadership, with professional advice and the courage to make decisions is fundamental to a better future for Saint Helena.”

I tend to agree with the statement with a caveat. Which professionals exactly will be the ones from whom we derive the advice and will the wisdom of the citizens of our town be factored into the process? We did, after all, get in this rabbit hole in part by following professional advise over the last several decades.

St. Helena

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